Recreational Classes – FUN FRIDAYS

We offer Recreational classes in the following styles

Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop



Musical Theatre


Friday is our Rec day or otherwise known as FUN FRIDAYS at GY!

These classes are suitable for students who

– are unable to make a huge commitment to the studio, financially or time wise

– want to enjoy learning current styles of dance

– want the opportunity to perform in a concert without the burden of expensive costumes

– enjoy the opportunity to socialise with other like minded students their age

– want to enjoy a healthful hobby in a supportive atmosphere


We also recognise that many young boys are only interested in learning to dance alongside other boys…in a ‘macho’ environment. We have 3 ALL BOYS classes on our timetable, taught by males in the HipHip style.

These classes are very popular, and many of our male success stories started in classes just like these!

We do ask that our Rec students dress in GY uniform, so that they feel apart of the GY Dance Team.