The Glenda Yee studio is proud of the many working professionals in the Dance and Entertainment business who have trained at this school.
The school has been operating for 32 years and over this time has a remarkable record of achievements

  • Kaylie Yee is currently dancing with Britney Spears in her Las Vegas ‘Piece of Me’ show. While in the States she has also performed as a dancer on American Idol and the Billboard Awards.
  • Tanya Jane is also a professional dancer in LA
  • Daniel Assetta and Natasha Marconi are the Musical Wicked, then Daniel moves to a role in Cats later this year.
  • Matt Antonucci is now in the Musical The Lion King
  • Stephen Perez is a feature dancer on TV shows such as X Factor, The Voice etc
  • Rechelle Mansour is a singer / dancer in The Velvet Rope show, currently touring Australia and Europe.
  • Mitchell Hicks is in Dirty Dancing
  • Anthony Abrakmanov,Jacob Licastro and Zyon Rangi are currently in Matilda
  • Lyndall Wennekes was top 5 on The Voice in 2015 and a member of The Young Talent team in 2012.
  • Anthony Abrakmanov and Tamara Geany were featured in The Voice Kids last year.
  • Takali Hoogendyk is playing Marta in the upcoming season of The Sound Of Music

These are merely a handful of ‘stars’ to emerge from the studio… and there are many, many more to come….