Examination Classes

Once children start going to school they can go into a variety of specialist classes. We have examination classes in Jazz, Tap and Classical Ballet.
Examination classes start at PRE-PRIMARY, going up to Bar to Gold star for Tap & Jazz, and Advanced for Ballet.

These classes are ‘technical’ in content, in other words the children will learn to perform basic steps correctly, in a disciplined environment. Examination students become eligible for our Competition and performance work, also known as Troupe.

We follow the AUSTRALASIAN DANCE ASSOCIATION (formally known as the Federal Association of Teachers of Dance) in Tap and Jazz. Johanna van Altus-Jones is a probationary examiner in this method and oversees all graded work.

We follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) in Classical Ballet. Sharyn Constable is an examiner in this method and oversees all graded work at the studio.



From 16 years up students can begin formal Teacher Training. This involves a program of regular Student teaching as well as a series of practical examinations to reach teacher qualifications with the ADA (Australasian Dance Association) Glenda Yee and Johanna Van Althuis Jones supervise this program.

Troupe Classes

STAGE CLASSES are for Examination students only. These are the ‘Troupe’ classes which compete in eisteddfods as well as perform at various gigs throughout the year. Students learn original choreography in the styles of Commercial Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/ Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre.


As well as competing in Eisteddfods throughout the year, all those students involved in Troupe classes perform in our End of Year Concert at Parramatta Riverside Theatre in December. They will also perform some selected routines in our Preschool & Recreational concert which is in November.